2018-2019 Annual Report

Local information when and where you need it.

We want to live in a world where all Australians can find services and activities they need to improve their health, social and economic well-being

Our achievements

In 2019 we were awarded the QLD Telstra Business Award in the Social Change Maker category. This achievement was acknowledgement of the hard work of our employees over many years.

Information Mobility Requires Digital Infrastructure


My Community Directory, My Community Diary and Access My Community use the Community Information Exchange to securely store information.

The Community Information Exchange can be accessed by key stakeholders and provide an integrated platform.

Go to www.communityinformationexchange.com.au for more details about access.


The Community Information Exchange has a range of self-maintenance functions that monitors the accuracy of the information.


The Community Information exchange uses industry standard security hosted in Microsoft Azure Data centre.

How does the Platform Encourage Information Mobility?

Every community is different; however, one common thread is the growing need for Health and Community Services to work with councils to solve social challenges at a local level.

The Platform has been designed to do the hard work for you. Our system ensures that community information is seamlessly collected, stored and managed. The system efficiently transforms increasingly complex information into a valuable and easy to use knowledge-based resources across multiple devices.

My Community Directory, My Community Diary and Access My Community deliver immediate, accurate and useful information at the touch of a button – a one stop shop of community information.


Volunteering and Contact ACT

Volunteering and Contact ACT provides information to a wide range of stakeholders across the ACT.


Checkup has been an important partner in helping people find health services in Rural and Remote Queensland.

Centre for Participation

The Centre for Participation has a real vision for social change and has been an important part of our work in Victoria.


Health Engine

Health Engine have integrated their online booking system across our health services listings.


Tunstall Healthcare provides assistive technology solutions to support people to live independently in their own home.


visitors to our site over the last 12 months

57, 116

hours on our website equivalent to over 28 full time staff at the same time!


public service visitors per month (from .qld.gov.au, .wa.gov.au)

2 Websites & 1 App

www.mycommunitydirectory.com.au and www.mycommunitydiary.com.au and download the app on your iOS or Android device.

Support Change Makers -
A Personal Invitation

From the Executive Director

Winning the QLD Telstra Business Awards as a Social Change Maker provided us with an opportunity to reflect where we are, and how we got here.

Recently I have been asked about the journey and its easy to talk about the success we have achieved in developing the Community Information Exchange, however, the journey hasn't been an easy one. When we started with the concept of a 'connected community', we didn't know where we would end up. The idea of a shared database was not new however being able to identify the right services locally community, in the right format while easily accessible, has at times been difficult to achieve.

Some of our biggest failures led us to some of our proudest moments and our most significant successes.

To influence social change, you need to have dedication, determination, perseverance, patience, endurance and sometimes stubbornness. Social change requires dreams to be turned into reality. We are seeing the impact we are having on communities across Australia and as we grow, the impact we make continues to grow.

While we are now connecting more than 250,000 people every month to their community - the journey has just begun.

Brentyn Parkin B.A. B.Ed MSc Executive Director

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